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Here you can play 42 action games online for free.

In the category action games you can find free online flash games with shooting, army games, terrorist fighting games. Games for air combats and airplane fights. The games in the category action games are ordered by the date they were added to the site. Browse the pages back if you can't find your favorite action game on the current page.

 Free online games: Bug PatrolBug Patrol
521 hits
It's spring time! The flowers have just blossomed, but they are attacked by
 Free online games: Air patrolAir patrol
693 hits
You are flying a fighter jet and your mission is to defend the air space from th
 Free online games: Drunken shootingDrunken shooting
1609 hits
Can you imagine how is it to shoot after a few drinks? In this game you will und
 Free online games: Protector of the CastleProtector of the Castle
843 hits
Stop the enemy who wants to take over King Arthur's castle. Be accurate wit
 Free online games: Shoot the flyShoot the fly
525 hits
Take the gun and shoot the perky bugs that fly around. Shoot accurately and don&
 Free online games: Storm BoatStorm Boat
724 hits
You are the captain of a war battleship during the Vietnam war. You have differe
 Free online games: Desert FireDesert Fire
801 hits
You are a helicopter pilot and you have a special mission over a terrorists camp
 Free online games: Star WingsStar Wings
707 hits
A crazy space shooter with strange mission and an accurate weapon. Move with the
 Free online games: Zenon MegablastZenon Megablast
584 hits
Your galaxy is attacked by space invaders. You must protect it. Move your battle
 Free online games: PacmaFight PacmaFight
738 hits
Discover the secret martial arts of pacman ninja! You must fight with the ghost
 Free online games: Orion’s swordOrion’s sword
695 hits
You are the captain of a space ship. Fight with alien enemies, collect the bonus
 Free online games: Cowboy schoolCowboy school
736 hits
You are in the wild west and you must learn to shoot. Try to hit all the targets
 Free online games: Rescue missionRescue mission
648 hits
Shoot your enemies, so you can free the hostages. You move with the arrows. You
 Free online games: Dragon’s JourneyDragon’s Journey
644 hits
Your eggs are stolen. Quickly chase the stealing creature, so you can save the e
 Free online games: Ninja ShowdownNinja Showdown
898 hits
Choose your Ninja. Fight bravely against your enemies. Try not to be killed. Hav
 Free online games: Zombie attackZombie attack
1326 hits
Shoot the zombies which are attacking you. After every level you will have the c
 Free online games: Dangerous PracticeDangerous Practice
681 hits
The bomb is active. Solve the puzzles to deactivate it. Watch it, it's dang
 Free online games: Sea battleSea battle
615 hits
Sea battle. The mission is to sink the ships. Put a coin in the machine. Use the
 Free online games: Wild WestWild West
613 hits
Bandits are rolling in the small town. Do you want to keep the order? Chase the
 Free online games: PanicPanic
371 hits
Collect all bombs before the time runs out with this ultra speedy game. You jump
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