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Fun free online games

Here you can play 20 unsorted free online games.

In the Fun free online games you can find online games , games which don't fall into any other category. Here the games are ordered by when they were added.

Fun free online games: Yellow Bus KissYellow Bus Kiss
484 hits
The back seat of the school bus is very good for secret kisses. Try to kiss duri
Fun free online games: Where is my blanket?Where is my blanket?
402 hits
Help the bunny find his blanket. Every level you must think of what you should d
Fun free online games: A different teddy bearA different teddy bear
406 hits
Are you observant? Try to find the different teddy bear. You have 10 levels whic
Fun free online games: Magical BroomMagical Broom
402 hits
This little girl played the whole day her favorite computer games and forgot to
Fun free online games: FairyFairy
442 hits
This game is about the epic battle between good and evil. The forest wizard depe
Fun free online games: Harry Potter & Marauder's MapHarry Potter & Marauder's Map
718 hits
Help Harry Potter find his way through the Marauder’s Map to Hogwards and Azkaba
Fun free online games: Christmas Tree LightsChristmas Tree Lights
858 hits
Light up your Christmas tree by connecting all the cables and lights. Click with
Fun free online games: Christmas BellsChristmas Bells
697 hits
Create your own Christmas melody by using the Christmas bells!
Fun free online games: Corporate fishingCorporate fishing
672 hits
Employees at big corporations have very boring job. Try to get them with the fis
Fun free online games: Brock Flower PickingBrock Flower Picking
755 hits
Help the little bee collect the flowers in the garden. Move the bee around to co
Fun free online games: SwineFighterSwineFighter
486 hits
Be a hero. Help in the fight against the Swine flu pandemic. Inject as many pigs
Fun free online games: Lorie - make me pretty now!Lorie - make me pretty now!
1215 hits
Lorie is disappointed by her looks and wants your help to change her outlook. Sh
Fun free online games: Lemonade KingLemonade King
760 hits
Buy products for lemonade - cups, sugar, lemons and ice. Choose a good spot and
Fun free online games: The skeleton puppetThe skeleton puppet
1489 hits
See how many poses can the skeleton make if there is no limits in his movements.
Fun free online games: MinigolfMinigolf
1385 hits
Measure your power and try to get the ball to the hole. The objective is to put
Fun free online games: Prison BreakPrison Break
1258 hits
You are a prisoner and you want to escape. Choose the best route.Watch out for t
Fun free online games: Fish TalesFish Tales
939 hits
Your fish needs to eat the smaller fish, and stay away from the bigger ones. The
Fun free online games: NumbersNumbers
914 hits
You like calculating? Then this game is for you. Sum the numbers, before the tim
Fun free online games: Cowboys saloon shootoutCowboys saloon shootout
688 hits
Bandits are attacking the local pub. You as a sheriff must save the pub and the
Fun free online games: Four-leaf cloverFour-leaf clover
1252 hits
Find all four-leaf clovers in your garden. Watch carefully, they are shy and hid
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